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偏光片lumeimei"What are our weaknesses?" Zhang fei stared.And Chen to, guan ping's death, for Liu Bei, The same blow is not small, but two strong, Chen to needless to say, guan ping to follow guan yu for many years, guan yu a martial arts, has learned 70%, now owe, just heat, over time, even less than guan yu, also enough to stand alone, quite liu bei loved, just now, so quietly killed by tardif, let liu bei how willing."Jingzhou war? But lyu3 bu4 invasion?" Zhuge liang people recruit to the side in the future, sink a voice asked.

"This …" Yan Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head. "The general didn't know. Two hundred paces away, the Fujitsu Shield could block it. But if it was within two hundred paces, the Fujitsu Shield could not block the power of the crossbow."Lyu3 bu4 sealing the news of the king, liu bei some lost standing on the river, looking at rolling the yangtze river, but in the heart is born a bitter."Yes!" Pound smell speech, can't help but clap his hands and smile, this method, don't need to consume people and military forces, can be prepared for a long time Li Yan trenches completely destroyed, in the heart can't help but sigh, no wonder the main guild to wei as handsome, not without reason.偏光片"Poof ~" blood splash, although hiding in time, is still Wei Yan a knife in the chest and abdomen opened a foot long mouth, blood gurgled out, if not he avoided in time, this knife will be able to open his belly.

偏光片Just like Lv Meng, but also Jiang Dong, Chai Sang Navy is also Zhou Yu's elite water army trained for many years, Was Guan Yu under the Funiu Mountain crying father called niang, Want to know at the beginning with lyu3 bu4 guanzhong elite play, The result has to be reversed, What kind of result will the Jiangdong water army have when it collides with Lyu3 bu4's troops on land? Cao cao almost dare not imagine, so liu bei must not lose, this is also an important reason that cao cao is willing to help liu bei, at the moment he, urgently need a teammate, can help himself block lyu3 bu4 from the pressure of the west, and sun quan is obviously not a good teammate.Although the families gathered together in large numbers, But these people bully ordinary people all the time, Even the general county soldiers are not as good as, and how is the guanzhong elite opponent, just a charge, was washed down, bright moonlight, ma surrounded by a group of people, was carried away by the crowd, and the rear, ma qiu also don't chase, just ordered the foot soldiers began to clear these family horses.In fact, In the training tasks of the Guanzhong Army, These melee skills, with is the mainstream, as for the world famous guanzhong strong crossbow, in fact, because of its simple operation, and precision, because of the group shooting, only need to be roughly accurate, don't need to be excessively on the precision of the pursuit, otherwise just zhang fei can't be so easily on the whole body and retreat.

Formosa ke had heard they were crossbow fierce, before also saw the ZhongJun crossbow, hurriedly waved iron thistle bone will be the other side of the crossbow open."Yes, I was going to use trenches to deal with, dug in, with the strength of my shooting sound battalion soldiers, even in the trenches, also enough to force the trenches down, but the li yan has used fire, with tung oil watering, so that I lost five hundred elite soldiers!" Said Pound with some irritation.偏光片





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