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进口博览会时间成都双流正武封头厂Coss smell speech, A knife pushed back Wei Yan, Turn your head, And then I saw the two of them fighting, Jun has been under wei elite kill is about to be defeated, Coss, Seeing Wei Yan kill again, Suddenly a bridle of horses, With a long knife in his hand, chop to Wei Yan 's throat, Although this move is not as subtle as Guan Yu's towing knife, but also quite get three of them, Wei Yan caught off guard, Although dodging in time, And I almost got a boring loss, In my heart is surprised a cold sweat, Coss saw the trick failed to kill wei, Heart know again, lose or not win, hurriedly le into the wei army, a head to cut several pawn, even with subordinate soldiers will meet again, kill a lot of people, wei, although repeatedly angered, but was blocked by the rebels, can only watch coss left rushed right tu, a little bit of the military forces gathered around again."No." Falling in to grant shook his head: "He is a cavalry, come and go like the wind, and our army cavalry but three thousand, if chase, will be hurt by it, general don't worry, and quietly watch its change! I view d this person, although there will be slightly, but anxious like a fire, just need to exhaust its spirit, when it is paralyzed, will reveal a flaw."

"Master, step root this time but with twenty thousand troops, the TaBaJi powder and begging fu tribe, only more than ten thousand military forces, even if not win, also won't lose?" Sentence tu and upright when standing behind lyu3 bu4, puzzled asked.D to forehead touch the ground, hoarse way: "will be careful at the end of the instruction.""The strategist, master has taken the xianbei people around the mountain last night, into the north." Handsome tent, male broad sea tower behind giffin, in front of him, d, pound, liao hua and just arrived soon embroidery, ma dai, Ma Tie line up.进口博览会时间With a roar of anger from the man, the patriarch's strong body fell softly on the tender, bony body of the maid, breathing heavily.

进口博览会时间"Inside the king's court, there is a mole!" Quebec head most shocked, or Wang Ting high-level mole, it is also the reason for this mole, killed his brother step to root, Quebec head eyes became red, gnashing teeth: "Who? Who is it that caused the step to root!"You mustn't be in trouble!Qui-head looked at step degree root left direction, mouth corners led up a smile, his hand is really too perfect, not only got a member of the general, but also solved his subordinates, after that, the temuzhen can only die with his own.

"Kill!"Coss see Wei Yan's military forces not only valiant, but also well-trained, in the heart can not help but a fiercely, pointing to wei yan, lang track: "I am Chen liu general coss, who are you, quote! So ability, why work for lyu3 bu4 that rebels and thieves? Better surrender to our army, cao is willing to put you in the public security of the Lord general!""Buzz ~"进口博览会时间





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