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陈乔恩被封剩女|日清大豆油Zhang embroidery hesitated for a moment, and handed it over to him. "Master, the thief is in a turbulent situation. It is better to avoid the edge for a while," he said. "The army of the West Cool is far away, and it will not last long. When the army of the West Cool retreats, it will not be too late for us to regroup."Marotta smell speech zheng, immediately understand the real meaning of lyu3 bu4, can not help laughing out loud, to lyu3 bu4 smile: "master, forgive Confucianism straight."Zhang both see things have come to this, also can only helplessly close his eyes, the xinfeng city is completely changed, compared with it, he is more curious about the rash man so a dirty man is how to do these things methodically.

Around QinBing less and less, cao peng play is also more and more urgent, wei yan is still calm to deal with cao peng more and more fierce attacks, after 30, with the last QinWei issued a desperate scream, drowned in the crowd, cao peng momentum suddenly vent."Hold on!" Asphyxiating momentum, many soldiers turned gray, wei yan-shen drink, looked at jun almost in a moment, has rushed into the hundreds of steps, raised his right hand mercilessly chopped off!"I have also heard of the defeat of Xuzhou. It is not a crime of war, but the Chen clan is too abominable. They secretly communicate with Cao Cao!" Emperor Xiandi snorted coldly and thought, "Let's go and find Princess Wannian. I haven't spoken to my sister for years."陈乔恩被封剩女|

陈乔恩被封剩女|Horse play stiffly turned his head, is to see d don't know when, has come to his back, blood red eyes, flashing a palpitating light, let the horse play feel a scalp numbness.The interior layout is simple and elegant, in addition to a wolf skin looks some eye-catching, other places are quite different from the Han style, and even a bed.In the sound of hurried footsteps, the lancer quickly moved up to the front, Cold hairs converge into a dead forest, The archers were at the center of the array, draw bow and arrow, Wei raised his right hand high, Even so, Expose the side to the defenders in Xinfeng County, Once the defenders out of the impact, will be really rushed, but he had no choice, the equivalent number of infantry in the field in the face of cavalry, if you have to guard against attacks from the side, it is no different from looking for death, but those who have been frightened defenders, also may not have the courage to rushed out at this time.

Seibel didn't speak, hand arbor toward the other side, Chen Xing doubtful along the direction of seibel looked over, but see the other side of the far, don't know when, there are a lot of dense crowd, looks like a refugee, but among the refugees, there are many knights back and forth, like driving refugees forward."It is rare that Wen Hou should know my name. I wonder where Wen Hou is now. I dare not bother Wen Hou. Yang Wang should come to see me in person the next day." Yang put down worship, smiled, lyu3 bu4 festival guanzhong, nature also includes their white water qiang, lyu3 bu4's purpose, nature is not difficult to guess."Master, now west cool endangered, heard that Korea hence has sent troops herding horse slope, we now turn into hetao, west cool war situation I'm afraid..." Han De sat beside lyu3 bu4, dry lips trembled a few times, worried asked.陈乔恩被封剩女|




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