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传说haobc青岛黄页"You don't need to worry about this, Tuoba, Murong, Ke Xin, to jin tribe has promised to treat me as king, as for step to root, he can't come back alive, I need you, after the death of Kui Tou, help me contain the five big tribes. A woman looks as if she's got it all figured out.At this moment, step root is not ready to continue to wait, the huns tribe of men have died, if he did not show, to temuzhen now show ability, the grassland, want to take him more people.Step root defeat, also represents the five tribes officially turned against the king's court, the next morning, Kirby can let a few surrendered soldiers will step root's body back to the king's court, of course, this is not out of good intentions, but to further blow the king's morale.

"Khan, you want me?" Lyu3 bu4 strut, into the king's tent of kui head, glanced at a dry head standing under the tent of kui head, arms around his chest, to kui head a prairie etiquette.Xu togeher didn't answer, just quietly looking at cao cao."Here!" Jiang Ji promised to 1, go to command.传说haobc"I'm sorry about this general." Lyu3 bu4 patted wang yong's head, shook his head: "for general, but not even admit the courage, leave you for what?"

传说haobc"Hum!" Qifu goyang cold hum 1, quietly with the men left, step behind the root of the arrogant laughter is very harsh, but he can't turn back, he is afraid of cannot help but fight with the king's court here, the Qifu tribe is really over."A lot of people think so." Lyu3 bu4 bowed his head and looked down at the woman: "If you just want to say these words to me, I'm afraid we can hardly continue to talk."Lyu3 bu4 expression has always been cold, waved, The accompanying medical officer hurriedly came forward to take medicine for d, Lyu3 bu4 sat on the handsome chair, Shen Sheng said, "Only when you know yourself and your enemy can you survive a hundred battles, understand the enemy's situation, and make clear the merits and demerits of the enemy and ourselves. This is what the general should consider at the first moment. It will be the soul of the armed forces. Your wrong decision may have killed thousands or even tens of thousands of soldiers under your command. I can spare you today, but who will pacify the brains of the dead soldiers?"

"Five thousand people have been enough, to attack, not too many hands, in fact, three thousand people have been enough, but I worry about the ministries in their own territory still have military forces, so open five thousand, and the king's court needs heavy guard, otherwise, even if I will be five major backward road all cut off, if the king's court lost, what's the use? But please khan to accompany me on the horses of ten thousand people, this war will be thousands of miles, just a horse, I'm afraid can't undertake such an arduous task. ""Wait a minute!" Pound stood up, is about to take life, but listen to a sound outside the account, d under the help of the horse rail into, knelt down to the ground, to lyu3 bu4 sink a track: "master, please allow d led troops and zhang he han xuan, will not let master disappointed."传说haobc




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