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小咪投票平台深圳救护车< / p > < p > Chen to the whereabouts, will be ford secret means to jiangdong nightingale, although no real power, but he followed Chen to the side every day, for Chen to the whereabouts, almost accurate grasp, including the summer mouth trip.Continued attack for liu bei, so for now, but the burden on the logistics problems, and, more importantly, the fundamental impregnability, the fault closed like a barrier between luoyang and jingzhou, that kind of feeling of despair that six months he felt more than once, even guan yu, huang zhong this several times in Athens personally led by each other under the condition of forced back, liu bei has been don't know if I should how to support cao cao."A hussar, Sir! ?" At the sight of the first man with a bear's back, pang tong's face changed, and he turned to fazheng. "you have even invited the hussars," he said.

If you can't get out, you will have the advantage of going down the river. Moreover, the other side's proficiency in water warfare, such as command by the arm, will not encounter you head-on.Hang in there, he was afraid that liu bei's death, under the condition of jiangdong dorigo, probably will miss the best time to into shu, but also good, on the matter, liu bei eventually chose to listen to his advice, not to continue with lyu3 bu4 screwing, zhuge liang to see very clear, this battle, in fact is the coalition lost, according to the front back to news, lyu3 bu4 while also loss a lot, but the loss of, basic it is western fighter, the most elite shot noise and seibel lead battalion after links, there isn't another, lyu3 bu4 under, even if not lead camp also has five elite, at least for now, until in the kanto soldiers instrument is strengthened, Basically is the rhythm that is hanged by lv bu."Is my design, meng da that day to see you strong see liu zhang, will you into the house, you hear everything, is arranged in advance, and liu zhang has nothing to do. Dharma is indifferent.小咪投票平台"Hum!" Think of being his wife, but climbing up the bed of milan, between the dedication and that milan to discuss how to deal with their, liu DHS had some heart calm down, suddenly heart ached, his hand clenched, his knuckles waves

小咪投票平台Fa zheng turned his head and looked at pang tong with satisfaction. With zhang ren's character, as long as he received the seal, he would follow lu bu wholeheartedly. Not only did he add a general to lu bu, but also the military heart of shu would quickly stabilize with zhang ren's joining."In fact, the grain could have been transported by ship. If the grain could have been transported by flotilla against the river, our army's logistic supply would have been assured at least until it reached jiangzhou." Ma liang sighed and smiled sadly.His martial arts may not as good as living star, but if of fierce, I'm afraid as good as any, cao cao's side, this kind of person, have a plenty of prisoners, the veteran has derived the rest of my life, no matter what fighting skill, but the rush of fierce crime is very heavy, qi xu chu, yue xi, after all, the top leading is really hard to find, therefore, cao cao settle for second best, looking for a lot of such figures as a pro, skill is not so much chu, the xi as big, but that of not afraid of death, when necessary, these people can not hesitate to take the body to help cao cao to block the arrow.

"Shu is in control, but watch out for jingzhou, zhuge liang to this person, the vision is extremely strong, now the alliance now that is broken, and will return JingXiang urged liu bei, when the degree of life and yuan, filial piety straight as soon as possible, don't want to give each other chance, as long as shu, the general trend in the world do in master to master, as for JingXiang, separate the chess pieces, it is time to use." Jia xu smiled and looked at lu bu."Yes, he was the new commander of jiangdong. He had been zhou yu's deputy until now. Ma liang explained.At the time of confrontation between two people, a small school galloped to, looking at the confrontation between two people, some stunned, meng da indifferent way: "speak."小咪投票平台




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