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叶问的儿子|扬帆教育"The sooner the better, kong Ming these days uninterrupted letter urging." Liu bei shen voice way: "just how withdraw troops, still want to discuss with two consiglists one time.""Well!"In cao cao's estimation, similar to zhuge liang's, lu bu's strategy should be to take the central plains first, then jingzhou and jiangdong, and then enter the middle of shu after the whole world is unified.

Zhuge liang to zhou yu people around but touched bottom, the lv meng is not hand-picked, but zhou yu's ability is not outstanding at the beginning, but with zhou yu's side for many years, but learned a lot of skill, if before, lv meng was a minor worry, that today, lv meng even if not equal to zhou yu, but also to compare present any a star, of course, this is not the various ge is bright really worry about.Listening to the ranting of liu cang, liu zhang looked blankly at meng da, even though his heart was as dead as ashes now, and even now heard liu cang running up to kill himself, his complexion would not be pretty And d let the old general, who had been his confidant, come and kill him in such a desperate manner"Ha ~" liu zhang helplessly laughed up, sounded outside Shouting kill sound, although the people want, but still have so a number of people chose to resist, even if this resistance, at this time has no meaning.叶问的儿子|"Kill!"

叶问的儿子|"After the end of this year, my younger brother will be eleven years old. In ancient times, ganluo was twelve years old and worded for the prime minister. Although more than eleven, but inherited lu bu and sable cicada high quality genes, lu zheng is now six feet tall, standing beside pang tong, even higher than pang tong, labial red tine is white, and lu bu is very much like their brow, but that puffed up a few minutes less domineering, much a few minutes polite, look, god light flashing, unknowingly between heart of fear."I will be turned back today He stood up, turned his head and looked around at the assembled soldiers. "there is no noble reason," he said. "it is because liu zhang has slept with my wife, and that bitch has secretly murdered meBut he did not know, lyu3 bu4 not only in various states of cheap to buy all kinds of mineral deposits, at the same time for smelting technology as well as copper and iron weapons sale is prohibited, even if occasionally, in the western regions, and only the royal nobles may have one or two pieces of collection of collections, and therefore, liu2 bei4 military weapons to pound is out of date, but in the western conference semifinals, has a good weapon.

"Send a letter to catch up with liu bei's army and tell him about it!" Cao cao sighed, is let Liu Beiyou psychological preparation, and as for the rest of the cao cao hard now,, also can not consider, this time with right concerning the packing lyu3 bu4 results be lyu3 bu4 lift head to instead, actually from cao cao that moment on, to attack their Mukden son in the emperor's sense of honor and component of the heart is gone, for cao cao army loss also can bear, but is the most deadly political failure.Luoyang for the kanto seigneur, obviously not a reasonable place, even if now lyu3 bu4 immediately sealed, cao cao, liu bei or jiangdong sun quan, can only look on, just a coalition to now basically has become a joke, to jingzhou and jiangdong, the relationship between current league again obviously possibility is not high, even if liu bei and sun quan willing, jiangdong soldiers, I'm afraid now more willing to avenge tried to zhou yu."With the character of the yuan, I am afraid that soon will call, jiangzhou new set, the heart is not stable, I need to sit here, at the same time please yan yan general contact the former ministry, said the city of ba county, youchang, I mean to let you secretly into chengdu, secretly contact chengdu family, trying to provoke chengdu family! Zhuge liang looked at ma su, while sketching on the map, while shen road.叶问的儿子|




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