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vigaa|密润佳人Although there is no evidence, but ford know, this group of women is at the outset that set off a wave of assassinations hot, make countless cao jun wenwu chilling assassin, ford did not think, lv bu also mixed in this matter."Yingchuan shi tao, whose name is guangyuan, met Mr. Gong da!" Shi tao smiled and said.

"No, the army has military rules, three ye you still kill me." Ford had a stiff neck and a generous expression on his face.< / p > < p > a deep look at the law, zhang song some cold, before the law, but said, lu bu did not put all his energy in the shu, if there are so many people under the hands of other princes...... Wrong, these are just law is to see oneself, after these people, whether still have other more important post to be infiltrated by lv bu secretly, zhang song does not know completely."This saying said, exactly one has not broken the law, two also is not what the most wanted person, why can't come?" Law is looking for a chair to sit down, see to zhang song smile way: "son qiao elder brother rather too too nervous some, I dare to assure, calculate is to leak out identity, with that liu zhang's disposition, also not necessarily dare take me how!"vigaa|"All kinds of information have been sent to jiangdong by various means. But I heard that zhou yu was very strong. Ford nodded, then looked hesitantly at zhuge liang.

vigaa|After cao cao, xun you shook his head and smiled, saying, "Lord xuande's words are wrong. As an uncle of a great man, Lord xuande himself represents the imperial unification.Huang zhong sneers at a sound, in the hands of sand knife a Yang, not slow and slow a knife knock out, can be in the other side long gun near the body will be the other side long gun knock off.In the prefecture, with the departure of ford, malang came out of a side hall.

As seibel commanded, a crossbowman dequeue quickly, quickly into six rows, came to the rear shield array across a distance place, these people are two people share a crossbow, however the crossbow is different from ordinary crossbows, sheet is devoting to have eight feet, the bowstring is a beast jin mixed with iron wire, to reduce the power that drew his need, there are two each bow is the bowstring, one of the above the bowstring is fixed with two pieces of pulley, rao is such, want to use this new crossbow, or at least two people to use, one person is responsible for the calibration, drew his bow at the other person is responsible for, as for range, up to six hundred steps, as far as It is quite close to the maximum range of qin crossbow."In the words of gongda!" Cao cao sighed.vigaa|




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