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夺贞雷峰塔贵州益佰复方斑蝥胶囊"Oh, that champion Hou know my name?" Ma self-deprecating wry smile.On the city of nanyang, li yan hand arbor, looked at each other began to dig trenches, around a few generals look a little ugly: "general, so dig down, our advantage is gone!""At the end of the day I 'll go with you!" Zhou tai also said in a deep voice.

"Whatever you want." Lu Zheng cool way: "but when my fath spoke of it in that past, Can't help but regret, you have talent, but it's a pity that the lack of experience, and was praised too high, in jingzhou, can let you experience the opportunity is not much, father talked about in the past, also some regret, but people have ambitions, I guanzhong now the most is talent, think for yourself, kongming this battle, will be defeated, as for how long liu bei can stick to, that depends on his nature. ""No." Wei shook his head.Guan Yu shook his head, He's done his best, Strong support command battlefield at the moment, to the broken city, although not in the war, but also has been exhausted, sitting in the tent way: "QuA has broken, then can let strategist's water army docked here, our rear road, don't worry about them, you and command the soldiers trimmed the city defense, jiangdong army will come soon, let the men seize the time to rest, ready to meet jiangdong army."夺贞雷峰塔Qua city, tardif and zhou tai nature also found guan yu's intention, nature can't let guan yu, each with a military forces, from both sides will guan yu's garrison stopped in the east of the city.

夺贞雷峰塔"Qua can't be lost!" Tardif gnashed his teeth, the hand of the halberd, will want to take advantage of the opportunity to attack jingzhou soldiers killed, twist his head around, beside in addition to heqi, only a few guards are still fighting with jingzhou army.Zhang Fei knew that Zhuge Liang was quite strong in this respect, So go to consult zhuge liang, and zhuge liang also gave him an answer, in fact, zhang fei day reaction is good, with pike to resist each other's kill array, but the guanzhong military forces alone is too strong, and chopping swords also enough feng li, ordinary soldiers pike barrel is wooden, can be easily cut off."You command, see clearly the direction of their excavation, let the men separate in advance, shoot the thieves with bows and arrows first!" Li yan slightly wanted to think, to lieutenant way.

"Don't forget, we still have a card to play." Lyu3 bu4 smiled."At the end of the day!" Tardif and zhou tai step forward, sonorous way.But HeQi or quickly reacted: "Yes, it is difficult to match under the fame, this first wave we held, that next, guan yu is more impossible!"夺贞雷峰塔




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