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好紧好大快点舒服使劲|lv神奇烟盒Ma liang suddenly realized that zhuge liang was going to use fu DE, but after all, fu DE was not like other people, or the old minister who followed liu bei. Other people were clean at the root, not to say that fu DE was clean at the root."That river east... "Liu bei frowning way, to jiang dong, he is not at ease.Liu bei turned and looked at cao cao. "cao gong, now that lv bu is ready, he should go to preside over the battle of yique pass. Yique pass and tiger prison pass are the southeast gate of lv bu.

"He came at a more opportune time, and brought something... "Zhuge liang looked at ma liangdao and said," season often should have read the secret.Wang ran is wang li's son and nephew, liu zhang this just remembered, although wang lei is loyal minister, but also is the same family, he would give this kind of thing to a family to do, shook his head, liu zhang disappointed way: "this thought, wang qing and other family people are different, now it seems, but also the same birds of a feather.Liu bei and cao cao looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time.好紧好大快点舒服使劲|"I am zhuge liang's words... "Lv meng smell speech, not frowned in thought:" that men will certainly is a smoke screen, but really hoarding hay, should not far from here, the location of the hukou, is the most suitable for connecting the north and the south, and the paper will be shipped to the jingzhou army is here, even if the clothe is absent in hukou, but certainly not too far away from here."

好紧好大快点舒服使劲|"Father, shall we leave yizhou? The world is so big, why worry about having nowhere to go?" The son of king tired took part to cry, embrace king tired way.Shield wall, ugly bowstring to limit voice sounded again, like death curse xh I'm blue in the face, just that a wave was offensive, he can not forget the range has been keep up with their bed crossbows, however, jun, bed crossbow combined also however three hundred aircraft, and the opposite of that kind of strong crossbow, certainly more than three hundred, can be organized into a cluster of arrows rain, least two thousand or more."They are all family, and a good nephew needs no ceremony." Liu bei quickly reached out his hand to help liu xun. Although zhuge liang had planned the middle of shu, now was not the time to turn his back on the plan of zhuge liang.

"Still want to tell heaven and earth to say first!" Liu bei smiled and said, this is the rule.After zhuge liang then ask a few questions, to get it to separate away, until out of the secretariat of the government, FuDeCai breathe slightly, the skirt skirt was soaked with sweat behind the zhuge liang seemingly casual, actually to his next set of everywhere, one not careful, will fall into ZhuGeLiangShe under the shower, he is done, and to the he had heard lyu3 bu4 mentioned, liu bei and others don't have to worry about, but absolutely to zhuge liang to elevated alert, with zhuge liang said after a while, feeling tired than fight a battle."Ha ha, zhou yu's child, medium my family adviser's plan also!" In zhou an complexion mad change of the moment, a furious angry cheers, zhang fei iron tower figure appeared, around, a team of jingzhou soldiers and 500 jiangdong soldiers surrounded.好紧好大快点舒服使劲|




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