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温柔天使的樱花恋|济南购物卡回收"Wait a minute, Guan Yu still has plenty of energy." Tracing the cause shook his head, although guan yu personally, but see its military forces dispatching, leisurely, obviously there is room in the city, turned his head to pan zhang way: "you rate all the way military forces, attack from the south gate, be sure to leave guan yu garrison to lead out of the city.""No, with your troops and general zhang ren will zhang fei together, and then cut off from both sides of these pretty army retreat." Pang tong shook his head, he has seen zhang fei gathered in the dark, must be to attack wei yan, this time to do not rushed to wei yan, but will zhang fei to delay, can't let him have the opportunity to rushed to wei yan.Xuchang, the palace.

Rapid footsteps woke up a lot of sleeping people, many people curious to wait and see, but see a large number of people toward the secretariat of the murderous past, many alert people hurriedly pulled family, the doors and windows closed, tonight looks unusual.Two people stared at each other, in pang tong and zhuge liang urged, each alert each other at the same time, slowly back.温柔天使的樱花恋|Lyu3 bu4 sealing the news of the king, liu bei some lost standing on the river, looking at rolling the yangtze river, but in the heart is born a bitter.

温柔天使的樱花恋|Looking at the astonished faces of the three, he shook his head with a smile, Guanzhong military forces in lyu3 bu4 before the official takeover of luoyang, Although there were no big moves, But every year it's for training, invariably assaulting the grasslands and some Western Regions adversaries, Not only rich in combat experience, and each unit will have at least one artisan followed, record the merits of weapons, and then study, over the years, the guanzhong military forces play more refined, no matter how or weapons, has long been far away from the central plains, sometimes, together with a hundred people can break the grassland on a small and medium-sized tribe.Rescue may not be able to survive, even if live, for a long time, I'm afraid also can't continue to fight, in that case, then simply die!Wei Yan: "…"

This is also sun quan and all jiangdong wenwu most concerned about, if only to see the results, please lyu3 bu4, really can solve jiangdong's power, but after? Lyu3 bu4 will help you for no reason, if lyu3 bu4 really unconditional help, that instead to be careful."Back off!" Tardif black face waved, motioning for retreat, although humiliating, but better than lost his life, if he confessed here, that song is over!"Jun occupied LuJiang, then did not continue to attack, seems to be north lyu3 bu4 hit up, tube general still continue to fight, now, even has taken a county or two."温柔天使的樱花恋|




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