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友好kmqgsq论坛搜了网No matter the enemy soldiers on both sides, I don't know when, has gradually stopped fighting, many west cool sergeant shivering down his weapons, kneel in the direction of d.Han De smell speech sighed, For five days, With 5,000 men, He annihilated forty thousand Huns, In Hand's view, It's a miracle, But if you hurt a thousand, you will hurt eight hundred, Even if there is lyu3 bu4 such a superhero led, after the huns life alert, began to encircle lyu3 bu4, even though the soldiers have the heart to die, but three days and three nights of battle, also will the army close to the edge of collapse, at least in the view of hande, can play to the present, there are more than two thousand people alive, has been a miracle."Others, my master said, don't persecute the people, give me your people, who dare to persecute the people, Lao tze even you clean up!" He Yi a stare, looked at his army hou, tuen long, loudly way.

Wei has a hunch that these hidden enemies in the dark, will not take long to begin.Chapter 40 Yin Chao Yang CuoLooking at the huns on guard, lyu3 bu4 indifferent way: "why, with the general to use force?"友好kmqgsq论坛Dark night, he man with men can't detect zhong yao they left traces, has been chasing after xinfeng, until met wei yan on the road.

友好kmqgsq论坛Army instantly shrank a half, lyu3 bu4 looked at the sky in front of him, issued a faint sigh, population, he wants a large number of people to fill the three auxiliary, only enough people as the foundation, he can complete his hegemony.The interior layout is simple and elegant, in addition to a wolf skin looks some eye-catching, other places are quite different from the Han style, and even a bed.Montenegro nature can't really be black mountains, specific why and named, now can't be verified, but twelve white water qiang multiply here for many years, the name of Montenegro has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the source is not important.

"Wen You can still remember why we set up academies." Lyu3 bu4 quiet way.Larocca has been fighting from the west gate, hundreds of west cool fighters with Xiao kill breath, like a torrent of kill to the south gate where Ma Tie is."You haven't been sleeping all day, have you?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised looked at han de, teasing way.友好kmqgsq论坛




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