王文沧 被抓|

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王文沧 被抓|钼精粉"Meng Jin direction, also want to send someone to rigorously investigate, at present our forces are not enough to divide the guard, urged Chen Xing as soon as possible to deploy. Wei took a team, directly out of the city, toward the direction of tiger fastened shut quickly.Step root but don't know his brother at the moment of concern, in the news, he was glad to make good temuzhen is a right choice, now smiled and said: "several big tribes have begun to join hands to kill temuzhen, he has no way to go except to take refuge in us, congratulations, eldest brother, my king's court got this general, will be like a tiger's wing!""How many men have come from the beggars?" Kui head didn't immediately answer, but looked at the huns warrior, sink a voice asked.

"Master." Handsome account in a dark, xu chu strapping into the body."At the end of the day!" Zhang embroidery, Liao Hua smell speech, eyes a bright, step forward.王文沧 被抓|"What's going on?" A few xiongnu leaders left the tribe rushed out of the camp, frowning pulled the fleeing xiongnu soldiers.

王文沧 被抓|Hmm ~"Ordinary people, That's enough, But the magistrate, You can't go out in official clothes all the time, to some celebrity party or something, There's got to be a decent dress, There are county magistrate security issues, county soldiers are paid by the court, but county magistrate side, there must be a few personal, personal salary can't be the same as ordinary officers and men, they are responsible for county magistrate security, want money, always have to have a servant to serve, also want money to support these people, a county magistrate, a dozens of people, expect this point salary to live, enough? Not enough to do, only on the rights of the mind. ""Patriarch, I heard that Mo Ba tribe was occupied by the huns two days ago, is it not good to do so?" The maid, like an octopus, is wrapped around the man, letting him nibble at his white breast, laughing wildly.

"Dang ~"Chapter VIII Zhang he VS dLittle maidservant hit a shiver, obedient way: "Yes."王文沧 被抓|





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