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52爱商丘在线花漾初蕊官网Chapter 70 the last chapter of this book"Not at all." Zhang shook his head.

First zero king see shape complexion a change, the king of the slaughter is really moved to kill, want to swallow the wealth of the people of the month, the moment pulled the Wolf qiang king, but here the slaughter of the king of the camp, shen voice way: "can't be you to pick first, this is our bottom line, it is no good, temporarily stop."Since there is a law to follow, will be handled according to law, I am to let qiang people naturalization, but did not want to let qiang people run on the neck of the han people. Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, sink a track: "since it is under me, qiang han Chinese are the same, then life department according to the market price, the other provisions of the price, let the buyer and the seller has a scale to measure, the businessman also don't jump from the circle, the qiang people is wrong, but cause upon these businessmen, to make the compensation in the qiang people."'stop it! < / p > < p > Yang ding see also can not go to kill the ordinary city guards, a long gun shake, toward an hussar riding guard to stab.52爱商丘在线It may sound obscure, but in fact, there are no more than two words - benefit!

52爱商丘在线< / p > < p > ride the general's door suddenly open, Yang xi a white armor, armed with a bow and arrow, with a wave of general house guards rushed out, against the dead a burst of fire, at the same time harsh way: "general liao, into the house!"Lord, in the last days of his life, will he be able to avenge his family?" On horseback, ma chao looked at the distance, vacant way."Miss, jingzhou soldiers have arrived." < / p > < p > lu lingqi is trying to catch up to fill an arrow, responsible for the police group of female soldiers flying horse back, to lu lingqi road.

Last year's world war I, lu bu played a brilliant maneuver, the powerful xiongnu life lost the hegemony of hetao, lu bu's name also became the taboo of hetao land, no one thought, he unexpectedly came back at this juncture."The subordinates retire." Zhang smelt the words with a slight salute and got up to leave.Cang and fifty soldiers under the guidance of Addis walked in silence of the stockade, as if place oneself in a death, is the derived veterans, watching the pretty girl just quietly drilled into a famous mountains behind a thief, a skillfully to cover each other's nose and mouth, a dagger in the neck, slip away the blood welled out quietly, so big star silent dead, also feel the neck.52爱商丘在线




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