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伪造判决与人结婚锡块回收A group of begging fu tribal warriors in the initial panic, morale rallied, crazy dance in his hand weapons, turn over and dismount, toward the huns tribe launched a charge.These hussars but lyu3 bu4 training for a year, More experienced a lot of world war ii elite elite, once formed at the moment, Yuan Jun is much, for a while, unexpectedly can't help but this three hundred hussars guard, instead was killed many people, male broad sea block in front of, left axe right stick, close to Yuan Jun was smashed fly is chopped head, not long time, around a pile of corpses."What 's the trouble? Do it!" Lyu3 bu4 in mind bored hum a way, at this time to know why the cost of recovery success almost as much as the cost of training Chen Gong once, but also can't care so much, while in the heart ordered, while twisting his head to say to all: "Make a stretcher for me, will old male back to camp."

Big tent, many people immediately to lyu3 bu4 to envy jealous eyes, ten thousand families have been considered a large tribe, in the name of temuzhen influence on the grasslands, as long as temuzhen to establish a tribe, I'm afraid there will be many small tribes to take refuge, such as today's coby can wait for five big tribes, is ten thousand families.Mournful hissing roar in the crowd is quite sharp, begging fu goyang smell speech face big change, want to turn over, but horses have been frightened, at the moment has gone, and the whole army with the life-long shriek, is completely bombed camp.After several bitter wars, the two sides temporarily entered the standoff period, but unfortunately, lombardi can afford, cao cao but with lombardi consumption, military supplies have begun to help.伪造判决与人结婚

伪造判决与人结婚"Scholars, agriculture, industry and commerce, the inferiority and the superiority of different, to promote the status of these people, the status of the invisible sergeant will be reduced, not only that, lyu3 bu4 has now launched the legalists, mohism, there may be others in the future, lyu3 bu4 this is to reproduce a hundred schools of thought contention, its ambition is not small, but resistance is also everlasting, a wrong step, is never to recover." Although pang tong said so, eyes are flashing with excitement."Just now the army has no food to send, continue to carry on, I'm afraid in three days, our army will mutiny!" Cao cao a face of helpless wry smile.Falling in to the original grant know lyu3 bu4 war, had made many preparations with zhang he, according to the stakes, is one of them, if lyu3 bu4 really broken city, according to the stakes, lyu3 bu4 cavalry can become infantry.

Attorney General!"Of course not. If the king goes, the military forces of the king's court must all be taken away!" Lyu3 bu4 sink a track."Hmm?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned: "What is it?"伪造判决与人结婚





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