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被陌生人开我小嫩苞|殡仪车"Guanzhong crossbow of the power, bright early smell, if they put an arrow here at this time, bright but no winged virtue." Zhuge liang shook his head and laughed.Xie yun roared, drawing his sword to the king."Don't be surprised. Isn't that normal? You've brought so many people here with you. Don't tell me you're here to talk to me." Lu Zheng shook his head: "Although you are dead, but your family I will give them a way to live, since you see me now, don't tell me you still hope that those fools have the ability to protect your family."

Just at the moment jingzhou army has been endlessly killed into the song, even if want to break, all directions are the enemy, and guan yu also had to guard against two people while the chaos break, laid a heavy army in the east, tardif and He Qi rely on the familiar terrain, after several combinations, ultimately unable to break through."Out of camp!" Wei yan a wave of his hand, YuanMen open, with three thousand chosen men quickly out of the camp, looking at the military forces of zhang fei in the distance, wei yan can not help but sneer at 1: "the shu veteran eight thousand military forces were killed by us, zhang fei unexpectedly only took five thousand people out of the camp today, all the soldiers prepare for war, rub a good rub zhang fei spirit.""Water attack?" Ezra pound and blanc startled to wei.被陌生人开我小嫩苞|Chapter one hundred and sixteen lost YinLing

被陌生人开我小嫩苞|"Er..." Zhang Fei frowned at Zhuge Liang. "Didn't you say it was the other side's plan?""Besides this road, is there any other way to get into Jiangzhou?" Wei Yan looked at the map, some distressed asked, shu this terrain is sometimes really very humiliating, even if there is a military advantage is useless, often a mountain range will be able to protect a large area.The other side's voice was clearly deliberately suppressed, but Cheng Fang did not dare to neglect the slightest, so he nodded calmly and said, "Please follow me."

Qua city, tardif and zhou tai nature also found guan yu's intention, nature can't let guan yu, each with a military forces, from both sides will guan yu's garrison stopped in the east of the city."Kongming, what should I do now? Wei Yen's men were jammed outside the Dianjiang River. We couldn't get out at all." Zhang fei some depressed look to zhuge liang, shu road characteristics, play in difficult, play out also difficult, if zhuge liang's purpose is just to keep pad river, nature is not afraid, wei military forces in elite also so little, this pad river city don't need to leave too many defenders to hold.Wei now back against the barracks, there is no way to retreat, looking at jingzhou soldiers, wei couldn't help cold hum 1, harsh voice drink a way: "abandon crossbow, knife, tell these jingzhou natives, even if there is no crossbow arrow, they are still a mob!"被陌生人开我小嫩苞|




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