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徐招网移频反馈抑制器War is rhythm, once his rhythm is led by the other party, that is not far from the defeat, guan yu south conquest north war for so many years, theory of military strategy, also can be counted as the world's famous, or the top batch, he is going to take jiangdong, rather than a Yinling county seat."Oh?" Liu2 bei4 eyes flashed a touch of joy, shu news has not yet come, there is good news?And this exclusivity, achievement of jiangdong, but also bound jiangdong, make jiangdong over the years failed to take another step forward, sun ce and zhou yu had wanted to break this strange circle, but the result, is a premature death.

He doesn't have too many people on hand now, especially Zhuge Liang, Ma Su has also been sent by him to instigate rebellion against the Chengdu family, But Ma Liang's ability in the internal affairs is also good, he wants to control the overall situation, but the side effect of Zhuge Liang's ability is not to reach a certain level of people with uncomfortable, always feel that the other party will do something wrong, will Jiangzhou entrusted to Ma Liang, for Zhuge Liang, is also a way of no way."Blow your own trumpet!" Guan yu eyes, li mang appeared, before just probing, this time two people are actually started a real confrontation.He will withdraw from the song, reorganize the army, and then with jiangdong military forces.徐招网Looking at the astonished faces of the three, he shook his head with a smile, Guanzhong military forces in lyu3 bu4 before the official takeover of luoyang, Although there were no big moves, But every year it's for training, invariably assaulting the grasslands and some Western Regions adversaries, Not only rich in combat experience, and each unit will have at least one artisan followed, record the merits of weapons, and then study, over the years, the guanzhong military forces play more refined, no matter how or weapons, has long been far away from the central plains, sometimes, together with a hundred people can break the grassland on a small and medium-sized tribe.

徐招网On the other hand, li hun received the message, then the whole time, ready to go into the city to assist ma they captured lu zheng, before they had time to leave, then see the male broad sea with a wave of troops, each is the guanzhong elite, people have not yet arrived, the fierce Xiao Keli gas has permeated."It will depend on his skill." Zhang Fei glanced at each other's army, urged his horses, black cone trotted to the front of the two armies, zhang fei zhang eight snake spear a finger, hong track: "which is zhang ren, quickly come out, and I war three hundred rounds.""Then add another layer, anyway, the rattan shield light, the two sides of the rattan shield stack together, also can't add much weight. Zhang fei also don't want to.

Zhuge liang slightly moved, let pang tong block himself."At that end of this will be don't know, that pretty man, less with my han Chinese, so had to rumor, whether it is true, will not be clear at the end of the day." Yan yan shook his head with a wry smile."Yes, although this armor is invulnerable, not sink in the water, but only afraid of fire." Yan Yan nodded and laughed. "But if you can get this armor to help you, you can use it as a miracle soldier, and you can have a miracle effect!"徐招网




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