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天然红纹石萝卜种子Is that zhou yu are calculated for an important reason of sun-style speakers, jiangdong is too small to hold too much the commander in chief, but a commander in chief, hand the relieving, defeat is good, if the battles, it is easy to suspicion by sun quan, over the years, zhou yu want to hit jiangdong, but failed, is there are external factors, but also, jiangdong interior, is an important factor in Taipei week yu."Ah, he is the governor's commander of thirty thousand armies." "Lv bu laughed."Choo-choo-choo-choo ~"

Dead silence, even before the enemy, but at the moment, both zhang fei and jingzhou soldiers around at the moment to look in the eyes of these men, with a strong respect, zhou yu, also for these to death doesn't even have a name of fighters, they may be a little-known, but this loyalty, was enough to set aside all grievances, heartfelt admiration, and can make these brave man death parts, you can hate him, but no way to hate him.Not only the shield wagons and bed crossbows, but also the ordinary soldiers charged behind the crossbows and wooden beasts with their shields. Although they could not block the sharp single-shot crossbows, the powerful platoon crossbows in the city defense could."Speak!" Liu zhang waved, some impatient road.天然红纹石"Push fast! Guan yu's sinking face did not make him hesitate. Although the crossbow was powerful, it was not without weakness. It had a fixed range, unlike ordinary bows, which could be controlled by man.

天然红纹石Zhang song looked at fazheng, his eyes flashed a killing machine, he did have a joint liu bei, give the idea of shu, this plan in his heart thought for a long time before making a decision."Too mean? Zhou yu looked at lu xun, shook his head and sighed, "I think bo yan has already gone to see his Lord and said these words before he came here."As JingXiang stability, began to have a large number of talents into liu bei, placed under Liu Pan thoroughly loyalty to liu bei, in addition, there are general family, dejong, coach sealing the counties such as military commanders were under the various ge is bright lobby completely liu bei, and no longer the former soldiers major general of the state, and the counsellor, ma liang, an and demars JingXiang celebrities or watch Mr Kibaki's are official, liu liu bei's strength in a short time development, and the troops after xiangyang closed reduction army, will be around military forces into account, together with liu bei, the original two elite nanyang and jiangxia, liu bei's military forces has exceeded two hundred thousand.

Two crossbow soldiers darted out of the two wings and did not advance. After avoiding the flaming crossbow wagons, the jingzhou troops behind the crossbows fired wildly.Chapter 67 build another tiger prisonGao shun raised a single shot crossbow, the eyes locked xiahou yuan, cold hum, button motive kuo, a hum, a crossbow roared shot xiahou yuan.天然红纹石




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