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你教会我什么最重要|北京手工活外发加工Chapter one hundred and nine retreatPang Tong smell speech can not help nodding: "Like master said, kongming although talent overflowed, but after all, before it was just paper, if not shu topography, he can't have the opportunity to hold up to now, but also therefore, kongming on the strategy, is a lot of progress, but jingzhou news, also should come, I don't know how to choose the kongming?""Yes!" Pound smell speech, can't help but clap his hands and smile, this method, don't need to consume people and military forces, can be prepared for a long time Li Yan trenches completely destroyed, in the heart can't help but sigh, no wonder the main guild to wei as handsome, not without reason.

"Poof ~ poof ~""Retreat!" YanYan waving flags to the valley below the retreat, at the same time began to lead the military forces began to retreat, finally saw the guanzhong strong crossbow today, but at least in the shu, relying on favorable terrain, YanYan or some grasp, as long as wei dare to catch up, he has a way to close the distance between the two sides, and then a close battle!"Soak in tung oil? If it is attacked by fire, the army will not survive." Zhuge liang frowned, but immediately think of the drawbacks.你教会我什么最重要|BaiChopping steel weapons and strong armor, in this is not a wide trench, the advantage, unless the other side of the weapon cut to the head, neck, otherwise it is difficult to cause harm to them, but shooting sound battalion soldiers weapons, but can easily tear their leather armor or even cut off weapons.

你教会我什么最重要|Although the speed of the engineering battalion was fast, the trenches of nearly two hundred paces were dug for two hours."Go!" Guan yu stuffy hum 1, will the surge of anger pressure down, with the troops to the direction of YinLing gallop.As for the mountain, obviously not realistic, hay trench is a difficult problem to solve.

Although the king has not yet been formally ordained, But lyu3 bu4 forces from top to bottom, there was an inexplicable excitement, In a sense, Lyu3 bu4 seal king, would be independent of the court, It's a system of its own, Following lyu3 bu4, Most belong to the humble origin, the sense of belonging to the court is not too strong, coupled with the chaotic times, the world trend, over the years, the remnants of the han also almost dissipated, many people's minds, nature has become part of the plan from the minister of dragon, in the current world trend, lyu3 bu4 is clearly the most likely to win the 95 throne governors.Gently close tardif unhappy eyes, tracing the cause sighed, the other reinforcements have arrived, and then chase down, I'm afraid the loss is their own, life after convergence of tardif's corpse, looked at the direction of the YinLing, tracing the cause sink a track: "withdrawal.""No." Wei shook his head.你教会我什么最重要|




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