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贾宏声电影|小歌王dvd"Yo ~"In his hind hind, the 2 qiao that fall to be graceful and graceful also is the vision is blurred look at all these, Yang xi sits boldly on lyu3 bu4's leg.Of course, it sounds a bit tacky, in modern times it is called technology, in this era, but only a craftsman, if there is no lu bu built out of the business system, how to come so much money, when training, also can build a dedicated to the study of new things workshop? It's all made of money.

"In it." Pointing to the direction of the workshop, xiongkuohai took a look at zhang and said, "you'd better not go in there. The temperature is too hot for us."Holds the one hand and meat will flake arrows, smile will be wrapped in the man's head in the right hand baggage thrown ashore, hey smiled and looked at zhang he, "I wish to meet on the battlefield in the future, you can also say this words, my master said, to fight and war, my huiyong, cool place although less, but I don't need is not afraid dead of warriors, even completely annihilated, also want to take ten times the price for goodbye sleep, go back to tell you the master, a man the gentleman, sneaking around what skill, capable, resort to meet on the battlefield, this actually and later to a, we'll kill a, see you how many people killed!""Miss's fighting style is different." Zhou cang explains.贾宏声电影|, in each of the more important the city have a market, planning and construction business, according to the stand or fall of location to collect rent, each merchant aside, some of the northwest of the merchants prefer to rent the shop, for these places, lyu3 bu4 adopts the pattern of shopping malls, selling things as long as not illegal, can be sold in shops, government will not intervene, businessmen can also use two ways to pay taxes.

贾宏声电影|Hetao, according to the plan of lyu3 bu4, as long as you can start from the western regions, will reopen in zhang ye, dunhuang, jiuquan, and then restart the silk road, establish a in changan, for the prosperity of economic center zone, with the silk road, a large amount of absorbing foreign resources, use these resources to operate the guanzhong, forming a virtuous circle, like lyu3 bu4 say, not in ten years, changan will become the economic center of the world, is not only refers to the central plains, but the whole continental plate, will be lyu3 bu4 solid thoroughly down his new system.Pang tong, however, came up to the table before ugotan, grabbed the wine pot and poured it down hard. "good wine," he said. "although it is bitter and cold in the western regions, this wine has a different taste."Row three, go!

"What to do, general?" Deputy will be embarrassed to see zhang he, this ferry also dozen dozen not dozen?Xianbei people in bamboo city these days, but no less poison people, street, to kill her women with shame even to kill for pleasure, previous excesses by xianbei people, nobody tube, at the moment xianbei people fall from grace, recently floated in the street at a draught of xianbei people, became a rat crossing the street, everywhere one xianbei people were WeiOu bamboo city people to death, narrowly escaped to the wall below the xianbei people, was also shot down JianCu struck on the wall.'well? Lv lingqi quietly attracted li shuxiang, asked.贾宏声电影|





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